What is vitalWatch 24?

Our purpose

Are any of these questions floating around in your mind?:  "I wonder how Mom is doing?" "I wonder if Dad's blood pressure is OK today?" "Did my husband remember to take his medications this morning?" "I wish someone had an eye on my parents and grandparents...they're getting older and dealing with health issues."  Now there is an affordable service to help reduce the stress and worrying about your loved ones who are trying to manage health and wellness concerns.

VitalWatch 24 is a remote health monitoring service designed to allow highly skilled Registered Nurses to monitor our client's vital signs and other health metrics 24 hours a day and in real time.  Using wearable technology similar to wearing a watch, we know how our client's vital signs and overall health are doing at any time.  VitalWatch 24 allows us to keep an eye on our clients whenever and as often as necessary. Talk about PEACE OF MIND!

VitalWatch 24 offers the exclusive CallBell (TM) Alert service.  Similar to when they're in the hospital, clients can call us, or press a button on the side of the wearable device, and activate our CallBell (TM) Alert system which sends a request for an RN to call the client back ASAP.  Now we don't have to guess or wonder if our clients are doing OK or if there is a problem...our clients can let us know immediately. It doesn't get more proactive than that! Medication problem? Health question? Don't feel good? Having a sudden pain or health concern?  Getting an RN on the phone is as easy as pressing a button or picking up the phone! 

Our purpose and drive is to help our most vulnerable citizens stay healthy in the community and in their homes.  Preventing ER visits, preventing unnecessary doctor office visits, saving trips to the lab, getting a better handle on your medications are just a few of the tangible benefits of our service.  VitalWatch 24 is designed for anyone who could use a little, or a lot, of help staying healthy and out of the doctor's office, lab, or hospital.  


VitalWatch 24 services and features

24 Hour Health Monitoring


Our state of the art technology records and transmits your health data around the clock.  Connected to the app on your phone, your data is kept up to date, confidentially, in real time.  We even provide you a monthly health report so you'll know exactly what we saw on our end.

24 hour CallBell (TM) Support


Your RN or their supporting RNs are available 24 hours a day at the press of a button.  Have a question? Sudden health problem? Press your CallBell and have an RN call you back within minutes!

In-Home Wellness Support


Nothing can substitute for a well trained set of RN eyes  and ears to assess your current health and wellness needs.  Your service includes in home wellness visits and phones calls.  We always want to "check in" with you to see how you're doing.

On-Demand Nursing Services


Do you need your RN to visit you sooner than scheduled because you don't feel well? Do you need to submit blood, urine, or some other specimen to the lab? Need your medications set up each week or two?  We are available to provide a broad spectrum of health services in the convenience of your home.  Let us save you a trip to the doctor or lab!

Patient Portal


Need access to some of your health information, previous tests, or can't remember what the advise of your RN was?  Want to schedule an appointment for your RN to perform a home visit? We've partnered with CharmEHR to provide a Patient Portal where you and your caretakers can get access to your vital health information ,or schedule a visit, anytime.

Provider Collaboration


We communicate with your other health providers if there is a problem or information they need to help provide the best care possible. Helping to keep you healthy, in your home, and out of the hospital is best achieved when you and your providers are all on the same page.

We make it easy to meet with us!

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